Very happy to be working with Prescription PR on this new record. All press enquiries please contact .


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Nobody Knows Anything Available To Pre-Order Via I-Tunes

Just a reminder that if you are into iTunes you can pre-order “Nobody Knows Anything” right now via this link. It’ll be sitting there waiting for you the second it comes out : )


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New Website

Come and have a look at my new website



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Loyal Support

“It’s another remarkable collection of stories and muses from a genius of songwriting” – bloody hell! Thanks BBC Introducing.

I must say ever since I started recording tunes and sending them in, they’ve been massively supportive. Right across the board from local to BBC6 Music. It’s made a massive difference to me and I’d say […]

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Probably the best fridge in the world!

Carlsberg don’t do fridges…but if they did they’d be full of San Miguel. Sorted out release dates and launch shows today, it’s time to celebrate! #sanmiguel

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Everything has been sent out

Hiya, So the very last stuff went in the post yesterday. I’ve had a few nice e-mail over the last couple of days from people who have got their cd, t-shirts and wot-not, which is great to hear. …

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Pledge Update!

95% of everything that has been Pledged for has been sent out in the post today. Amazed and humbled to be reminded that people from all over the world got involved and even a few Wooddittoners : )

Hope you like your stuff.

P.S The other 5% will be posted tomorrow.

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The Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival was amazing. Now home & shattered! Many thanks to The Local and all involved for inviting me down to play. Great crowd too. Brilliant couple of days.

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Look what I got…

Bought this for my niece’s 1st birthday so she will never forget me…

Can I just add there are no prizes for guessing the ten spot the differences!

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