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I’m making a brand new record and I’d love for you to be part of it. Click on the link and you can hear some the tunes. Maybe if you like them (or at least where they’re heading) you could get onboard and pre-order a cd or pledge for something else?

002I’ve not big record label backing me, so if I want to make records (or more importantly if you want me to make records) the only way I can do it is through crowd-funding, pre-orders, what have you… Any money that comes in via Pledge goes towards getting the new record out into the world.

When you pre-order the album (or anything for that matter) not only do you get it way before anyone else but you’ll have access to the demos, out-takes, studio videos, blogs, random covers, free downloads & whatever else comes to mind as we’re going along. You’ll be with us, all the way, as the record comes alive.

Thanks for your time


P.S Please share it helps rather a lot