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Very happy to announce I’ll be playing at the Noorderzon Festival in Groningen, Holland on Friday August 28th. Click here for details.


Late-blossoming singer-songwriter

Divorced parents, tumultuous relationships and an identity crisis combined with a musical upbringing. Tough as this may seem, this apparently is the recipe for becoming a brilliant singer-songwriter. Alex Highton’s biography describes just such a life. He grew up in in Liverpool (UK) and Firenze (IT), enjoying his father’s record collection, ranging from the Talking Heads to the Penguin Orchestra Band, and the romance of Italy he found at his mother’s. Having finally married the love of his life, he now has found the peace of mind to write and perform songs. Influenced of course (Liverpool) by The Beatles, but also by more contemporary artists such as Sufjan Stevens, his music is taking on more and more solid shape, with his name echoing throughout the world of music.”