Praise for “Welcome To Happiness”

“If you miss a bit of breadth and depth in the late Future Islands, you might like Alex Highton . The Briton has on the one hand a clear, charismatic address in his speech, on the other hand, many quirks and imponderables in his style. Coupled with his undeniable talent, “Welcome To Happiness” (BB * Island) becomes a pleasure that can only come from advanced indie pop.” – Intro Magazine

“…a real original….Highton’s most striking, fully realised work to date…. a wonky, curious, and ultimately pretty catchy synth pop track that comes at you from unexpected angles.” – Clash Music

“One of the best records you’ll hear this year – fact” – BBC Introducing

“Opaque, mysterious, great string arrangements with harmonic surprises galore and a restless driving bass line..” – Tom Robinson BBC6Music

“….a nice wedge of off-kilter electro-pop ditties…Welcome To Happiness weds Highton’s touching tales to instrumentals reminiscent of Hot Chip, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and the more sober end of Beck’s discography.” – Norman Records

Praise for “Nobody Knows Anything”

“Alex Highton’s eminently playful second album teems with ideas, all of them good…’s a work that defies categorisation, but Highton’s vision is refreshingly assured throughout….Nobody Knows Anything thrives by thinking outside the box – 4 Stars” – (Mojo Magazine Feb 2015 UK)

“Quirky, interesting and very enjoyable – 4 Stars” (Irish Times Jan 2015 Eire)

“10/10 – Seriously,seriously good with layered delights and a killer production…..It is in many ways extraordinary.” – Americana UK

“An amazing record” – (BBC Introducing Suffolk Oct 2014 UK)

““Alex Highton’s music – a rich blend of melody and soul – calls on a deep, melting pot of influences. From Talking Heads and Penguin Cafe Orchestra to the Band and David Ackles, his music collection shows off a love for joyful eclecticism, reflected in his own creations.” – (M Magazine Jan 2014 UK)

““The qualification ‘world class’ proves to be right. Also the second album is filled with quality music gracefully going into the ears.” – (OOR Magazine October 2014 Holland)

““His second album is just as fine. Easy to listen to and beautifully arranged – ****” – Heaven Magazine Nov/Dec 2014 Holland)

“Prachtige kleine liedje die vol zitten met tekstuele slimmigheden en zeer prettig in het gehoor liggen. Nobody knows Anything is haast een geschiedenisles in pakkende liedjes.” (Soundz Magazine Dec 2014 Holland)

““A collection of wonderful, timeless pop songs – ****” – (Lust For Life magazine, November 2014 Holland)

“miraculous….timeless 9/10″ – (8 Weekly Jan 2015 Holland)

“Onbedaarlijk goede plaat.” (Leo Blokhuis Jan 2015 Holland)

““Each time you listen, you’re being sucked into this wonderous world more deeply. Fascinating album – ****” – (Jazzism magazine, October 2014 Holland)

“Heighton heeft met zijn tweede album een plaat afgeleverd die zeer is aan te raden en die nieuwsgierig maakt naar de Nederlandse tourtjes in januari en april.” (Written In Music, November 2014 Holland)

“Surely one of the best albums of the year – *****” – (Ctrl Alt Country, November 2014 Belgium)

“Nobody Knows Anything is probably one of the best pop records of 2014, a record that doesn’t just rely on the big moments and works its way through amazingly crafted details” – (Music & Riots Magazine Jan 2015 UK)

“Highton is een dijk van een liedjesschrijver en zanger, die de kunst van het knap en verrassend arrangeren volledig onder de knie heeft.” (HDC Media OCT 2014 Holland)

“Highton toont zijn meesterschap in een verfijnd epos als ‘Mephisto’ terwijl een fraai, zwoel wiegend ‘It’s’ dat op acapella koorwerk uitloopt in sobere grandeur uitgeleide doet. Klasse ! (Keys & Chords OCT 2014 Holland)

“This is no pastiche, but a fine example of musical heritage woven through a composition that somehow keeps giving, with layered vocals, catchy riffs, wonky piano and a variety of other sounds that come and go to create a compelling song with a heartwarming premise. It’s no wonder It Falls Together topped our poll this week.” – (Fresh On The Net, November 2014 UK)

“Nobody Knows Anything” is een knap gearrangeerde tweede plaat van deze singer-songwriter. De laid back en sober gebrachte liedjes zorgen voor een moment van rust bij de luisteraar die van begin tot einde lekker relaxt naar dit album kan luisteren.” (Rootstime NOV 2014 Holland)

“….exquisite song writing……an excellent album that is thought provoking, musically exciting and full of surprises – highly recommended” – (Artree Jan 2015 UK)

“Overall the album is put together wonderfully…… another album that ticks all the right boxes. He certainly hasn’t lost any of his edge over the years, instead consistently reinventing his music and experimenting with sound. Alex may claim that Nobody Knows Anything but I’m certain this is a great album.” – (Spiral Earth November 2014 UK)

Praise for “Woodditton Wives Club”

“Frankly it’s a real boost to discover a genuine world class practitioner who restores your faith in the genre…” – Tom Robinson BBC6Music

“Witty, charming, candid…the list goes on and on to describe Woodditton Wives Club…Romantic and honest this album ticks all the boxes for those of you wanting a simple, sincere musical experience” – For Folk’s Sake

“To master the melodies of McCartney combined with acerbic scouse wit of Lennon is something few have mastered” – Folk & Tumble

“The best album of the decade, possibly the 21st Century. The amazingly beautiful, heartfelt, charmingly rustic Woodditton Wives Club” – Rock Classic’s

“a wonderfully fresh and perceptive look at a world many of us will recognise” – Folk Radio UK

“From instrumentation to songwriting to Highton’s endearing voice, this album is beautifully arranged….8/10” – Neon Filler